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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 12, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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captions by vitac good morning, america. and this morning, town hall showdown. as the frenzy grows over health care reform -- >> you don't trust me? >> the president tries to separate fact from fury, but is it working? right-hand man. he helped bernie madoff steal billions from investors, now he says he's ready to name names. and american father, fighting for the young son he says was stolen and left in an italian orphanage.
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he joins us live with his dramatic story. >>. >> a jewel heist out a hollywood movie. how did crooks steal sz 65 million worth of jewels s in d how did crooks steal sz 65 million worth of jewels s in d daylight? captions paid for by abc, inc. good morning, alongside chris cuomo, i'm robin roberts diane sawyer is off on this wednesday, august 12th. president obama becoming a sort of fact-checker in chief. >> he hasn't seen the ugly scenes we've seen elsewhere, he's the president after all. but look at los angeles this morn, people lining up for free health care. >> so let's begin with our senior white house correspondent jake tapper with the latest on the owing battle over reform. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the debate over health care reform dominated by the president's opponents but he's seeking to regain moment ul and in doing so, has raised the stakes in this furious fight.
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>> you and your cronies in the government -- >> reporter: summer recess no day at the beach for many members of congress. democrats continue to encounter angry crowds at health care town halls. a second volatile town hall meeting for pennsylvania democratic senator arlen specter. >> you have awakened the sleeping giant. we're tired of this. this is why everybody in this room is so ticked off. >> reporter: extra police were brought in but did dmot stop crowds from raging against the machine. >> one day, d's goi to stand before you and he's going to judge you. >> okay, we've just had a democr demonstration of democracy. >> reporter: congressman mccat skill was shown anger. >> you don't trust me? okay. you know, i don't know what else
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i can do. >> reporter: more extreme examples included a swastika painted outside congressman david scott's georgia office. president obama pushed back against the false charge that health care reform proposals would create a death panel to ration care and kill off seniors. >> the intention of the members of congress was to give people more information so that they could handle issues of end of life care when they're ready on their own terms. >> reporter: the white house insisted their audience was not screened but they were awfully friendly compared to the protesters out side and elsewhere. the president practically begged to be booed. >> somebody here who has a concern abouout health care tha has been raid or s skekeicical suspicious and wants to make sure -- i don't want people t thini hahave a bunch of plants in here. >> reporter: the president used the opportunity of his town hal meeting to correct the record
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but he misisstatements, udg the aseshgs that aarndorsed the legislation,n, the gupup s they had e endorse n nod billt all. >> jake, thank you. matthew do, polititical alyst workrked foror bothh republilica democrats, joinss now, matt u workedd i w wte hse d dg e bush administraration.. ttl ught some legislatate ef battles. miminitionon handling their push for health refoform? >> i think that ththe beginningf it, they did it well, at the start of this but they let the message get out of control and i think what's happened is, obviously, the opponents have seized on that and have been able to sort of push back and actuallyove poll numbers that started out in support of thi bill and now moved against it. i think the white house is trying its best to regrab hold of the message and try resell this thing to the american public. it reminds me of the social securi debate, started out okay and went off and it was never able to come back when george bush in 2005, so it's date of spot for the white house
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right now. zblts. how they get back on message, the president said yesterday when we disagreeings let's disagree over things that are real, the biggest challenge for the president, is it misinformation? >> reporter: i don't think it's necessarily misinformation, i think he has to correct it but one big problem, his biggest strength is when he's at 10,000 feet taushging about global issues in a large way, not getting in the weeds and debating it. one of the first signs you can tell you're off track when the president is at a ton hall trying to push back on detect panels, that's a problem in an overall message vierlt. they have to quickly correct the misstatements bus get back on a big, broader message that the pub buys into to. >> do they have to reach out to seniors? we see the poll numbers suggest that seniors or skeptical when it comes to reform. >> reporter: seniors, a dominant voert group in this country, the ones that utilize health care more than anybody else and most
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anxious about change, not only in health care but change in society, technology, the economy. so they're anxious about change. it's not people under 30 years old that are used to change and being adapting to this, so it's people over 60. if you lose seniors you lose the health care debate. >> you see the town hall meetings, the screaming and yelling going on and people have legitimate concerns, others are not being so much -- being disruptive more than constructive, we've been here before in trying to push for hemt care reform and folks are wondering is it going to get done this time around? >> obviously, time will tell after the august recess is over whether it happens. i think something will get done. when you have 60 members, democratic members in the senate and you have congress by a large margin and you have the white house, you have to get something done. whether it's something incremental and small so they can say this is a first step or bigger, time will tell. they have to get something done.
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>> all right, matt dowd, thank so much. appreciate your perspective. >>. >> as we said, a sign of how difficult it is for some americans to find affordable health care, you see thousands of people lining up in los angeles this morning to see doctors, to see nurses for free. and we'll bring you their story in our next half hour. >> right now, latest developments on the bernard madoff investigation. madoff, in jail for life but now his chief financial officer has pleaded giltdy to multiple counts of fraud and is cooperating with authorities. the big question this morning, who else will he finker? abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here. >> reporter: frank dipascali was madoff's rand money and he plea was part of a negotiation to make him name ne and details that madoff refused to divulge. frank dipascali was always an
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unlikely choice. he had no college and no previous financial experience. but what he admitted in court that he did have was a criminal mind. in pleading guilty to ten felony counts, dipascali described his role in creating millions of phony stock trades that deceived madeoffs's investors for decades. "it was all fictitious. it was wrong and i knew it was wrong at the time," the 52-year-old dipascali said, near tears. >> i believe that frank knew as much as bernie did and as time went on, i noticed that snent more and more time together in the office and frank was always intertwined with bernie. >> reporter: dipascali was paid up to $4 million a year to help madoff carry out the crime and he flaunted his wealth. he had a sprawling estate in suburban new jersey. a huge yacht with a captain all paid for by the company. and a corporate american express platinum card which he charged thousands of dollars in personal
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items, including plane trips to the bahamas for his son and his college friends. the government spent month getting dipascali to make the deal in hopes he would lead to others. the court documents, specifically mention other co-conspirators and dipascali is expected to turn on all of them. in explaining how he went from being an 18-year-old college dropout to a multimillionaire criminal, dipascali apologized to his victims and said his fault was following madoff too loyally since 1975. dipascali had expected to be let out on bail as part of his deal with the government but ferlt judge sullivan refused to g along with that and ordered him locked up immediately and that's where he is this morning, no jaildown town. >> everybody wailed to see how long that list is he gives. let's head over to "good morning america" weekend anchor kate snow, tracking developments in iran about the american
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hikers being held. >> that's right, good morning. the families of three american hikers held in iran are holding out hope this morning for their release. the state department is demanding swiss diplomats be allowed to see the amecans who have been detained nearly two weeks. martha raddatz has the latest. >> reporter: it was this waterfall on the iraqi side of the border that the three hikers set out to find. instead, they found themselves on the iranian side of the border, they haven't been heard from since. a nightmare for their families and a huge foreign policy headache for the u.s. the families of three said in their first statement, believe that when the iranian authorities speak to our children they will realize they had no intention of entering iran and will allow them to leave the country but after the north koreans were able to score a visit by former president bill clinton last week to seek the release of two journalists held
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there, it is doubtful that iran will let the hikers go without trying to get something in return. despite protests from the u.s. >> iran has obligations under the vienna convention and we demand consula rk says at the first punt tunt. >> reporter: the hikers have been transfoerd iran's capital making it even more likely they will be used as pawns. for "good morning america," martha raddatz, abc news, washington. former president bush's top political adviser karl rove may have been more involves in firing u.s. attorneys that previously thought. white house e-mails leased by housz committee indicate rove was central to the 2006 dismissal of the u.s. attorney from new mexico. apparently for political reasons. rove has long denied any involvement. on cape cod, senator ted kennedy arrived last night for a private mass for his sister eunice who died tuesday.
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caroline kennedy also attended. a public wake is tomorrow. in medical news, another benefit of taking aspirin. researchers say colon cancer patients who take it can reduce their chance of dying by nearly 30%. new allegations involving rick pitino one of the nation's best-known basketball coaches, he's married and admits having an fair with a woman in 2003 and paying for her to have an abortion. that woman, karen sypher is charged with trying to blackmail pitino for $10 million in exchange for her silence. she's pleaded not guilty. this video froms a kra caught our eye, bravery of one rescue worker in taiwan fighting raging floodwaters to help search for survivors. look at this. this is because of the typhoon this week. his raft flips over, he's pulled downstream but he was later rescued. he's okay. thanks to efforts of people like him they've rescued about 500 victims yesterday from the
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rubble and mud following those floods. >> he's okay as well. >> he's fine zblf wow. mr. sam champion is not here this morning. we should be excited and here's why, we have paul, the meteorologist from our seattle station, komo and this is a good day for me, i got a dianno from komo, this is all good. >> italian all over the place. >> very nice. >> good to have you here. >> thank you so much. we begin our weather talking about the chance of flooding in hawaii, what's left of felicia, once a hurricane, then a tropical storm and then a tropical depression could drop one to three inches of rain, still pretty windy today. winds up to 20 30r miles per hour and high surf advisory for hawaii. there can be high water along the east coast of the u.s. today, stalled frontal boundary, some rainfall, one to two inches of rain for portions of the carolinas, georgia and alabama and bull's-eye of rainfall atop new york city.
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>> a very good morning, brian van de graaff. low to mid 70's this morning with clouds and showers we are watching to the west that may build in as the day goes on. we will go to the mid-80's this afternoon. on our radar picture, the energy is working its way across the
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area slowly. we w more on the cool weather out west coming up in the next half hour. over to robin. >> paul, welcome. good to have you here. to the latest in the michael jackson investigation. there has been another raid, this time at a pharmacy in las vegas. our lisa fletcher joins us from l.a. with the details. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning, robin. two weeksfter all day raids at the home and office of dr. conrad murray, the doctor and personal physician with jackson at the time of his death, the investigation widens and now experts tell us that this case may not only lead to a mass slaughter charge but could lead to federal drug convictions. drug enforcement agents and police officers picked apart a lavegas pharmacy tuesday looking for answers in the ongoing michael jackson death investigation. >> we went in without incident, like i said, it's a search
7:16 am
warrant for documents. >> reporter: sources tell the ap investigators believe applied pharmacy services is where dr. murray bought propofol, the drug believed to have played a role in jackson's death, continuing speculation that criminal chargeses are likely for dr. murray. >> you may end with a pattern that shows you that for example, dr. murray, has excessively prescribed several drugs, perhaps to michael jackson and to others. >> reporter: garret said if this pharmacy was a willin ing participant, federal drug charges may surface. this is not the company's first brush of the law,ultd imbranchs were federally indicted on charges of illegal dispensing steroids and other drugs. abc news has also obtained state farmsy board documents that indicate kentden crowley a pharmacist from the raided brang ch had his california license revoked last february, citing he ansferred, sold or delivered dangerous drugs to people not
7:17 am
authorized to receive them among other things under the influence of a controlled substance while working. >> he fits the pattern of someone that you might want to hire if, in fact, you are gng to excessively dispense medications. >> reporter: and we've also learned that dr. murray is no longer doing business in vegas, at least for now. i called his office yesterday and got a message and the mess and said, as of august 11th, the offices are temporarily closed. robin? >> lisa, thank you. not 7:17. >> it's 7:17 and time, this is a real yarn, serious story, a jewel heist out of london but really is like something out of a movie. scotland yard says two men walked into a exclusive jewelry store in london's pore mayfair dirict and walked out with more than $60 million in stolen jewels. how did that do it? miguel marquez is watching this for us. how did they do it? >> reporter: chris, an
7:18 am
incredible story here. police say they believe a total of four men are involved in this caper and now a massive investigation under way with authorities around the world looking for them. the biggest gem heist in british history captured on cell phone video. robbers entered the store at 4:40 p.m. two minutes later they're out the door carrying $65 million in jewelry, a hostage in tow. you can just make out blond woman being hustled down the street. shots fired to clear their getaway, by the time the man take the cell phone video, the hostage released, jewels and bad guys, gone. the loot? 43 pieces of jewelry, including earrings, watches, rings and this necklace with 272 diamonds. the target? graff jewelriers, known round the world for ultra rich and famous clientele. the heist was brazen, the men
7:19 am
arrived in a normal taxi, getaway, incredible, in less than a half file, they switched cars three time, crashed one and handed bag off to a accomplice on a motorcycle and gave police the slip. >> you're not going to go to the cops. >> reporter: the stuff hollywood capers are made of. like "ocean's 13." but these robbers are still being hunted by the cops. incredible story. the police really want to break in the case. the only thing they recovered so far is one of the getaway cars. back to you guys. >> no clue whatsoever? i know you said they want -- of course they want to get them, do they have anything to work on? >> reporter: this is what is frustrating them so much, such a busy, congested area of central lond london, i think police expected this case to go much quicker and it hasn't broken, now they've gone to the press, releasin a lot of information and hoping to
7:20 am
get a break. robin. >> a very sophisticated crime. the planning that goes into it and what is our fascination with these crimes? you have a good heist, we are into it, differently than with other crimes, it seems. obviously, illegal, want to catch these guys. >> but cell phone video now. just happened to have -- >> nothing's anonymous? everybody seems -- >> hopefully that will help. >> walking down the street. look, a jewel heist. >> hopefully, that will help lead to the bad guys. coming up in our next half hour, two families destroyed when a man drove the wrong way down the hawaii. will they meet for the first time? do you believe it, a car that gets 230 mil glon. 230. and, coming to a dpeealership nr you. you. of all the things made just for women,
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maybe this is one of the most important. new centrum ultra women's. ta tami for women. it has vitamin d which emerging science suggests... supports breast health... and more calcium for bone health. new centrum ultra women's.
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the $9 grand entrance. walmart announces op tops for ust nine dollars each. back to school costs less at walmart. save money. ! live better. walmart. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning, everybody.
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thank you for joining us. i am alison starling. 7:22 is the time. let's look at traffic. >> we're looking and action on the beltway north of town very this is the outer loop near the interchange at colesville road. traffic will be getting by two lanes to the right. they are trying to move it out of the roadway. things will be slow heading west from college park towards colesville wrote. springfield's 95 looks good. 66, two incidents are making traffic quite slow. >> we are showing you some of the energy down to our south and west which is working its way toward the metro area. these are pretty light. we will look for some of the showers to work their way across the area. there may be a little thunder
7:24 am
and light rain mixed in. most of us are in the mid-70's. we will be into the mid to upper
7:25 am
washington, d.c. police are investigating several shootings in southeast. two men were shot on 24th street ound 12:30 this morning. one man was killed and the other was hit in the leg and it expectedo survive. four other people were shot in
7:26 am
separate shootings. a group will rally outside the white house today to give metro $130 billion to refurbish their system. there was another embarrassment for metro. a worker is off the job after testing positive for drugs. matt brock has the story. >> another morning, another day of concern commuters on metro. a 10-car train, one operator assembled the train at the railyard and handed over to another at the greenbelt station. that operator drove the train, two cars too long, until a passenger spoke up. >> a passenger on a train notify the operator that he was operating a train that had two extra cars that were off the platform, in the tunnel. >> that set off an investigation. the operator tested positive for drugs. >> when you are operating public
7:27 am
transportation, that is no place for drugs. >> no passengers were on the last two cars so no customer was ever in danger. >> as a frequent writer, it makes you wonder if you are safe. >> many commuters find themselves asking what the breaking point might be? what is next on metro? >> it keeps on happening, there will be some point where it will not be worth it. the naval academy in annapolis is investigating after two female students say they were sexually assaulted. a spokesman for the academy say these alleged incidents happened away from the school and no charges have been filed. there will be plenty of security at hagerstown community college where ben cardin will host another town hall meeting. he was tackled on monday night. lawmakers across the country have faced similar situations. michael vick will not be
7:28 am
washington redskins. his agent says there is no chance that he will be in burgundy and gold. his agent was spotted at the training camp yesterday but it had nothing to do with michael vick. he is still trying to find a team after being r
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> there it is. that car can go and go and go. 230 miles a gallon. >> glet get out! >> i kid you not. it's real, it's coming to a neighborhood near you, if not your on, very soon, next year. we'll tell you all about it. this, hopefully, is the future. >> it could be, coming, as you said in 2010. "good morning america," alongside, i'm robin, diane is off on this -- wednesday morning. had to thinky the. hump dahi also this morning, a father's fight. leis son, ex-wifto s h
7:31 am
took him to italy, now the little boy is living in an itali italian orphanage. how did it happen? why can't he get his son back? >> happens more than you think. first, the latest on the wrong-way crash that killed eight people in upstate new york. as you know, the mom bere hind the wheel had twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system. her family stood by her saying there has to be another explanation. by bu new report this is morning that some of those closest to her are beginning to have their doubts. andrea canning has more. >> reporter: in the wrong-way crash that devastated three families, there is one bright spot. 5-year-old brian schuler the lone survivor was finally released from the hospital after 15 days. it's a miraclee survived at all. the families are still wrestling with the fact that diane schuler was drunk and high when she crashed. >> would never knowingly allow her daughters to travel with
7:32 am
someone who might jeopardize their safery hrt her brother lost all three of his drawers in the crash, three little girls who meant so much to their hometown. the oldest, 9-year-old emma, allison, 7 and the baby of the family, 5-year-old kate. now he's reportey y nopeakinin asked to meet the family of ththe memen schuler lled btatardi family said they nt to know what sheolhehe other onon the phone 3 minutes . > all questions that, you kn, my family wantt to know. want to know the truth. >> reporter: diane's husband, daniel and his attney say they can't explain thalcohol in her syem but say they're exploloring whether she could have had an transient ischem attack or tia, a stroke-like condition th can cauause diso aent that wouldn't show up on an autopsy. experts wewe talked to saidd su an tk smsms ununkekely, s so t stererioious crarash hauntpele, including firefighterer michael aro ra who happened to be
7:33 am
driving by right after it happened, he tried to save who he we leave was allison. >> the whole time, this poor child was just laying there and her eyes were just as wide open as could be and they were like these deep, pretty blue eyes. every time i close my eyes at night, every time i feel this little girl is, her vision is coming to me. as if i have to go to her father and tell her father, give him a hug and tell him your little girl didn't die alone on the side of the road. she was with so many loving people, especially the three of us that were there. we didn't let go of her the whole time railroad for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, new york. >> we're joined now by the attorney for the bastardi family who lost their father michael and brother guy in the crash. thank you for joini us. >> my pleaw the t family, are friends of yours first, you've known them many years.
7:34 am
how are they coping? >> they're not coping as well as you can expect, because they're in deep mourning, but they keep a stiff upper lip when they have to meet people and you wouldn't believe that they were so saddened, but i know them well and i've seen them under all of the circumstances. i know that they're extremely traumatized by this terrible killing, i won't call it an accident this killing. >> i understand why you're make the i did tinks there. is it true that the bastardi family is going to meet with diane schuler's nieces, who also, of course, lost people in this crash? >> i cannot answer that because of the fact that there has been no schedule worked out. i did hear from jim, the
7:35 am
attorney for the hantz family and i don't know of any meeting with the schuler family at all. did you ask me about the schuler family, didn't you? the nieces, diane's nieces, the father to meet with -- >> i don't know of any plan meeting with them. >> let me ask you, the claims that are out in front of everybody, is that she was driving, she had alcohol in her system. all of these other explanations that you're hearing, that it wasn't about having been drunk or smoke marijuana, did you accept any of the alternative explanations? >> i reject them categorically. >> why? >> because of the fact, i think that at war with the autopsy reports, with the blood analysis and the whole panorama of things
7:36 am
that surround this terrible killing. >> you point to something that happened in the past, i hadn't heard before, you say that the husband in this case says that he did not ever see his wife really drinking or smoking marijuana. you say he actually said something different in the past? >> well, about a week before that he met mr. barbera that's his lawyer, i don't know if i'm pronouncing it correctly, he said occasionally his wife imbiebed alcohol and occasionally would smoke a pot, you know, or weed something, but not too often, which i think is totally at war with what he said once he hired this lawyer and suddenly he changes his recollection and says that, oh, yes, it's inconceivable that she could be drunk because she
7:37 am
doesn't drink and it's inconceivable that she used marijuana becae that's not her lifestyle. i don't buy any of that. >>, this is a terrible situation any way you look at it and i know all of the families want to get to the bottom of why this had to happen. thank you for joining us and giving us the latest development this is morning. >> my pleasure. >> rob snn. all right. now we want to show you the faces behind the health care debate. uninsured americans, more than 40 million in country, some of them lining up this morning to get free medical care from a group of doctors and nurses who started out working in third world countries and now offering their services in los angeles and you can see our mike von vemd fre fremd is there now. >> reporter: good morning. desperate people waiting in this los angeles parking lot for a precious ticket. it's one that lets them enter a world where hundreds of doctors and volunteers stand ready to provide health care for free.
7:38 am
all through the night, they drive here and then wait until the clock strikes 3:30 a.m. very quickly, the 1500 tickets are gone and the late-comers lose out. >> 1500. >> wow. >> no more numbers. >> reporter: this mother and drawer drew numbers 48 and 49. >> this is a miracle, because if this wasn't here we wouldn't be able to go to the doctor for who knows how long. it's already been a long time. >> children shouldn't have to be concerned if their teeth are hurting or their eyes are hurting and if they have problems with mom, i can't see the board or read my book. >> reporter: all that is about to change when the doors open and 5:30 a.m. >> we don't need to know anything about your personal history. we just need to know what your medical history might have been, so that we don't give somebody the wrong medicine. who's got number one? >> reporter: volunteers do everything they can to eliminate red tape so the patients in pain
7:39 am
can get immediate care. >> tell me if you can see better here or here? >> reporter: this nurse was moved by what she saw. >> my eyes tearing up right now. >> reporter: the initial stop for her is the dental complex for her first teeth cleaning in years. the founder of remote area medical has helped needy tientings by bringing the assembly line of dentists, eye doctors and m.d.s across america to 12 states. >> it's first-come, first-served basis no, questions asked, no financial information required. there are a lot of good programs in this country but they tend to have hurdles that the patient has to leap through in order to get the care. >> reporter: he gets the volunteer local army of doctors and nurses to do what it takes to get people in need of care the care they need, even if it requires follow-up visits and if the diagnosis is serious.
7:40 am
>> people are getting important health care needs met. >> the impact is priceless. >> reporter: a blessing that continues through next tuesday. in that time, the hope is that many thousands of people in l angeles will get the health care they need but cannot afford to pay for. robin? >> and the doctors and nurses being so generous there. thanks so much, mike. it is 7:39, time for the weather for the vacationing sam champion, meteorologist paul dianno from komo, not cuomo, komo. >> big distinction there. >> good morning. >> good morning, focus on tropics, the middle of august, heart of hurricane season, we're still waiting for our first named storm. it will likely happen later on today tropical depression number two, forecast to become tropical storm anna later today and forecast to stay out over the ocean as moderately strong tropical storm over the next the cool spot in the country, the pacific northwest, with rain
7:41 am
likely, highs only in the 60s and 70s for seattle, spokane and portland and thunderstorms likely for kansas, >> thank you so much. we are in the low to mid-70's. the clouds will be a >> this weather report brought to you by neutrogena. a car that could get 230 miles per gallon. ned it's coming to orighb nodn ho yr neighborhood n in th e future, next year, perhaps. ck.e on back. when i was seventeen i was not good to my skin. long summer days a not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. (announcer) new neutrogena total skin renewal. gentle exfoliating puffs and micro-vibrations speed surface cell turnover.
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we're excited about this new home car here, especially because of this headline, 230 miles a gallon. not science fiction, not a
7:45 am
project future car. gm says its new electric car, the volt, goes on sale late next year. bianna golodryga is joining us with the story. this is the real deal? >> reporter: not your grandfather's gm. imagine plugging car in each night the way you do your cell phone or blackberry. may sound like a futuristic scene out of a movie but thanks to gm it will become reality by the end of year. after the government rescued automaker received harsh criticism for failing to have more fuel-efficient cars, general motors took that challenge to an extreme, romming out the first mass-produced vehicle to obtain a triple-digit mbf rating. >> the chevy volt, is this right, 230 miles per gallon? >> reporter: 230 miles per gallon? come on. >> is it sflu. >> conan, 100% true, the volt will get 230 miles per gallon. as long as it's going downhill. >> reporter: for gm, shifting gears out of bankruptcy is all
7:46 am
about fuel efficiency. and its newest model, the chevy volt gives that a whole new meaning. the electric car is estimated to get 230 miles per gallon in city driving that blows a its closest competitor the toyota prius hybrid which gets just 50 miles per gallon. >> a car that gets triple digit fuel efficiency will be a game changer. >> it is important it is a home run for them, they put a lot of their reputation in this vehicle. >> reporter: the volt runs on electric power for about 40 miles. after that, a small gasoline engine take over to recharge the battery. giving it a total range of more than 300 miles. the battery can then be recharged overnight by plugging into an outlet. but look out, gm has competition. nissan is set to unveil its new all-electric leaf next year, while honda will roll out the hybrid gas/electric insight. the leaf promgss to get more
7:47 am
than 350 miles to the gallon. both are expected to cost between $10,000 to $15,000 less than the $40,000. tech gurus in silicone valley took the electric plunge earlier, rolling out world's first electric car, the tesla. the car was recently marked down to a price range between $50,000 to $60,000. a far cry from the faster and more expensive model we saw just two years ago but when it comes to bailing out an industry in the midst of the worst financial crisis in 50 years, electric cars may not be the silver bullet. it's important to know that gm is not expected to make money off the volt any time soon. they're expected to roll out only 60,000 units by 2013 and analysts don't expect to it become mainstream until 15 to 20 years from now. this is just the beginning. >> the numbers have been selling, 60,000 has t sound good. dleents a mile what is it pays to operate this mile.
7:48 am
look at that, the future today. >> few tu's here. >> bianna, thank you. >> 47 minute past the hour, we'll be right back. a gal loan. gal loan. [ eln ] i care about how i look. that's why i use covergirl's simply ageless makeup with olay regenerist serum. a department store brand can glob up in lines and actually makeou look older. simply ageless makes you look amazing. from olay and easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. caused by a completely blocked artery, another heart attack could be lurking, waiting to strike. a heart attack caused by a clot,
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7:51 am
7:52 am
ken n chesney on friday. >> very ticiexng. still to come today we'll talk to the father wsayci s h son, stolen by his ex-wife, now in italy and left in an orphanage. can't get him back. he'll tell us about his fight. take your kids back to schoolhopping without spending a dime. did i say that? not a nickel? not a penny. free? how can you do it. come on. i tory says she can tell shope'sheot how. i hope she's not talking about stealing. that's illegal. >> not our tory. that's illegal. >> not our tory. ght anywhere. right anywhere.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good wednesday morning, everybody at 7:86. i am pamela brown with your local update. let's look at traffic and weather. >> we are looking at 66 from newschopper7 and there is still heavy traffic in the centreville area.
7:57 am
some earlier problems have been cleared. we are moving into maryland and we will take a look at traffic on the beltway, slow on the eer loop getting past new hampshire ave. -- the outer loop getting past new hampshire ave. we will end up in springfield and 95 looks good until the beltway. >> across our area, you can see 73 degrees and a fair amount of cloud cover. we are looking at a pattern which will keep us much sshs much sunshine. temperatures will be low to mid 80's. scattered showers storm is possible. tomorrow, partly sunny and a storm cannot be ruled out. the supreme court's newest member will visit the white house today.
7:58 am
justice sonia sotomayor will be the guest of honor at a reception hosted by president barack obama and first lady michelle barrett she was sworn in over the weekend. after that, president obama will award 16 citizens the medal of honor. we will have another news update at 8:25. for continuous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, news channel 8.
7:59 am
8:00 am
"good morning america" continues with a father's fight for his son. he says he was stolen by his ex-wife, taken to a foreign country and left in an orphanage. we talk to the father live. plus, take your kids back to school shopping without spending a dime? sounds too good to be true by bu tory johnson says she can show us all how to do it. and he's the mad man driving all of the women mad. jon hamm is back with the third season of the show and an emmy nomination. we talk to him live.
8:01 am
hello, everybody. good morning, good morning. el paso, good morning, thank you for being here. thank you for being here. how dare i turn my back on you. good morning, america, chris cuomo, robin roberts. >> he asked for pictures. >> step back for a second. she looks beautiful from this angle, one of her best angles. >> y got it? >> not too objectify, how is robin looking in this dress today? >> thank you, sir. >> caliente hases an they say in espanol. >> thank you very much, halfway home during the week, feeling good, feeling good. you love a good book, whon't? how about a whodunit, mary jane clark, she is terrific. you cannot turn the pages of her novel fast enough. and she has a brand new mystery out, a mystery novel and mary jane clark will be joining us in this hour. >> who wants music today?
8:02 am
who wants to hear some music? you want to get into the high gear with derek trucks band. they're here today. he is rocking it for us this morning. a lot of news as well, let's go upstairs, kate snow has the news. >> good morning, again. the obama administration is scrambling to gain the upper hand in the contentious debate over health care reform. as angry opponents of the overhaul continue to face off with lawmakers the u.s. chamber of commerce launching new ads in 20 states today saying the plan will lead to tax increases and huge deficits. president obama meantime will hold more town hall meetings this week arguing that reform is essential. u.s. marines launched a new assault in southern afghanistan and cameras there as they became locked in fierce bat wlt taliban about 400 marines trying to secure voting sites ahead of next week's presidential election there. marines suspect the taliban knew their assault was coming. and now a story from brazil that is as serious as it is
8:03 am
bizarre. it involves a tv personality who is under investigation for alleged connections to several murders. all in order to boost his show's ratings. vinita nair has details. >> reporter: for two decades wallace souza a crime-fighting vijs lann at the if the dangerous amazon region of brazil. has hard-hitting frontman for popular show he and his crew landed scoop after scoop, arriving on scene first, even before police, capturing exclusive and graphic video of violent crimes. sometimes as they happened. but in a wild twist, brazilian authorities now say his uncanny ability to sniff out crime wasn't because he was such a great reporter, it was because he was the one arranging the violent acts. "he went as far as creating facts," this police chief said and ordering the crimes be committed to generate news for the program. police say souza and his conson
8:04 am
were involved in drug trafficking and commissioned at least five murders of rifleal drug dealers, alerting tv crews to get to the scene and film all of the action. he became a media personality after a career in the police force ended in disgrace. accused of involvement in a fraud scheme he was investigating back in 1987. now, 20 years later, souza who serves aas a state legislator, says the latest accusations are false, part of a conspiracy hatched by his political rivals, for "good morning america," vinita nair, abc news. one of two american journalists held for nearly five months in north korea is expressing her gratitude in a nu website posting euna lee writes, when i am home and with my family i think of all of the individuals who were there at the vigils, who wrote letters to us and government knowing you would not stop until we came home kept me going day by day in north korea. finally a popular accessory for nintendo wii recalled
8:05 am
because it could cause burns. cyclone essentials and react four doc battery recharging staigss can overheat the wii remotes. minor injuries have been reported. they were sold from january 2008 until last month. on recall now. that is the news at 8:04. now to the weather and joining us from seattle, hello again, doug. >> good morning, to you. a beautiful morning outside. it's warm, mid 70s, grats folea out here, a tremendous amount of names. sometimes you say hi to mom and grandma, you have a laundry list. let's hear who you want to say hello to. >> my fiancee laura, my family, the lono, stasulli - - >> 22 millioneo tareenf te ss. otexa rethti ae focasts we hello to t entire state of texas, what's the forecast there? hot, around 100n texas but also going to be hot in the
8:06 am
mid90s, first time in summer in bismarck, minneapolis and 90 as well and lower 90s for omaha and t >> a very good morning, brian van de graaff here in washington. we're watching some showers off to the west that may mosey into the metro area, as the day goes on. 76 degrees downtown right now. 80 degrees is expected this afternoon. that is your forecast. now back to chris. >> thank you very much. we want to tell you about a father's fight for his son. it is a very urgent situation. this little boy, 8-year-old liam
8:07 am
mccarty, has been n italian orphanage even though he has an american father who is desperate to take him home. liam mccarty as the apple of his father's eye, like any 5-year-old he loved to play and horse around with his dad, michael their home in new york city. but on march 5, 2007, those happy times came to an unexpected end. while getting ready to pick liam up from kindergarten, michael received a phone call every parent dreads, the call informed him liam was no longer in noshlg but half a world away in italy at an undisclosed location. but he wasn't taken by a stranger, he was with his very own mother, manuela an italian citizen who had taken the boy back to italy without consulting michael. the two had been in a custody dispute over liam but it took a darker turn when after arriving a court there ruled thoo manuela was an unfit parent, instead of
8:08 am
lefting michael regain custody of his son, liam was put into an orphanage where he's languished for five months. it's hard to get a child out of a foreign country when one parent is a citizen. this man is still trying to get his son out of brazil after his wife left the u.s. with their 4-year-old. she died last year his brazilian stepfather was awarded custody. lining goldman, mccarty made it his life's mission to get his son home but with multiple italian court systems to weed through there is into guarantee of a happy ending. the legalities can be very complicated, we'll get into that but this is for most a story bay father and his son, we have michael mccarty with his attorney. thank you for being here. how is liam doing? >> the last time i saw him was a few month goose and he's not doing very well. he has deteriorated. i think you showed some video
8:09 am
and some pictures and that happy little boy that you saw and that the people have seen has changed. i mean, he has been traumatized by this experience. you can only imagine what it might be like for 5i-year-old child to be torn away from everything he knows and put in a place where he doesn't know anybody. he doesn't know whoo trust. he doesn't know where to turn. >> and you've been to see him many times but you are at n advocacy mode, you are dade and in a strug toll get your son back, i get that, that's where the strength comes from but for you to not have seen your son since april and when you go there, they're monitoring and you've don't right things. you have the right paper, you have an fbi warrant saying we should get him back the hague convention on your side, how do you deal with the frustration? >> every day is a struggle. you wake up, there are good days, there are bad days and you get through it. i have an incredible support system abilitiability in with my
8:10 am
family and friends and they call me up, check me to see how i'm doing. but it's not about how i'm doing. it's about how liam's doing. every day i'm worried about his safety and what's going through his mind and just this morning, before i came, i was trading e-mails with italy figuring where he is at this exact moment because everything shuts down for the month of august there. and the orphanage takes the kids away on vacation. he might have taken a vacation with family member. i'm not sure. >> let's look at the leaguealitileagueality -- legalities, we hear about this cases, italy decided thatt because the mother, manuela antonelli is an italian, found unfit and child has dual citizenship they'll keep the child as their own even though he has a father? >> apparently so, after exteive proceedings the mother was found unstable in new york
8:11 am
and the michael was awarded permanent custody. under international law they must enforce that. now they think they can decide to enforce it. as important, when the mother fled with the child, she viol ed federal parental kidnaps laws and fbi secured a warrant for her arrest. she should be extradited. without explanation, italy won't extradite her. >> without elanation they won't extra driet her. put this into language, you go to italy for nonlawyers and jurists here, you say here is the paperwork, i'm the father, not a situation like the david goldman case where his wife married somebody else and he made a paternity claim, there is no one else. what do they say to you when you say give the child back? >> they say everything and they say nothing. what they do is conduct endless additional legal proceedings in various courts in italy, they don't communicate amongst themselfs and consume time. you never get a straight answer.
8:12 am
how do you get, get this boy back where he belongs? >> if we can draw attention to this maybe we can get some people with the power to influence this situation to take an interest and to start picking up the phone and making some calls, because the system there is just ar kchaic, insane, kafkaesque. >> you have not foregogotten anything, there is nothing against you that is out there? >> absolutely not. i have done everything. it's not that they ignore the orders from the united states, they just friend they don't exist. they won't even refer to them. not like they hold a hearing to say we'll not acknowledge that custody order. they won't even refer to it. just doesn't exist for them. >> it's an ongoing situation, we're happy to be in the loop. best of luck to you in getting your son back.
8:13 am
a lot of information on this case. if you want it, go to and get involved. when we come back, we'll have tory johnson to help us all figu out how to get our kids back to school the cheap way. how about freeway? for a pure clean, there is one clear choice: all free clear 2x concentrated detergent. all free clear's powerful clean is free of the ingredients you'll find in most detergents: no perfumes... no dyes... no preservatives... free clear is specially designed for people with sensitive skin and has powerful stainlifters, so you can trust it to get the job done right. free clear is the number-one detergent recommended by dermatologists... so, for a pure clean, all free clear is all you need. recommended by dermatologists... while i was building my friendships, my family, while i was building my life, my high cholesterol was contributing to plaque buildup in my arteries. that's why my doctor prescribed crestor. she said plaque ildup in arteries is a real reason
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8:17 am
♪ you better shop around >> back to school is just around the corner. if you're down south and other places you're lar lk bah in school. it can be a pricey time for parents. and families are able to spend around $550 for clothes and supplies but what if you could cut that new clothes bill down to zero? zip. nada hl nothing. our tory johnson took three teen girls on a cash-free shopping spree to show us how it's done. >> repter: 12-year-old ju juliette is like most tween girls and that means butting heads with mom. >> the sheer volume of what they want to buy and they add open and you've broken the back. >> reporter: according to a recent survey, average family is expected to spend nearly $300 on back to school clothing and
8:18 am
accessories. but imagine if kids could trade the clothes hanging in their closet they never wear for a wardrobe that's new to them without spending a dime? the first tip, raid your parent's closet. >> remember this one? got this one in paris. >> reporter: from mom's unwanted stuff alone, the pile starting building. next stop, juliette's closet. what you have never worn and what you'll never wear again. okay? >> these are like hand-me-downs from my sister. i'll never wear this again. i don't really like them of this. >> reporter: why did you buy them? >> i liked them then. >> repter: at least when it comes to her wardrobe, not the sentimental type but as my arms got full i suddenly realized we're emptying your whole closet and we weren't done yet. no more headbands. a style you no longer like?
8:19 am
with juliette's haul in tow we meet up with more students and head tore buffalo exchange a consignment store filled to brim with cheap but trendy secondhand clothes. here's how it works. first the store tal list up how much they're willing to pay for unwanted wares. >> i'll price this guy as 8. >> reporter: either 30% of that amount in cash or 50% in store credit. tip number two though, bring lotsz of stuff because they won't take everything. >> pass on this item. >> reporter: the manager, zach, tallied up $80.50 from the two girls, that meant -- $40.25 to spend in the store. juliette was next and her pile netted $72.50 for a store credit of $36.25 but don't forget, you're not paying department store price. last tip, scour the rax for the hidden gems.
8:20 am
>> feel like roxbury. i love zach's hair. tory johnson new book is flying off the book shelves "fired to hired" great book. >> tha you >> run the numbers by us. >> all of the girls ununused stf was valued by store at $153 which meant we h had $76.50 in store wre kre to buy threee outfits and got three outfits and a pa of shades for $68. >> all right. >> w want to see these rock senators come on, rls. >> all right. >> what do you think? >> let's be honest for a minute because juliette,ou didn't want to wear yourr sister's about going into a sto like fee that? did you feel like you weren' going to go for it? >> kind of. these are awesome clothes. >> moms, it can be done.
8:21 am
we can turn them. did you feel the same way when you're going in, going not so much but changed your mind? >> yeah. >> this is something you would wear the shades really help. the shades are a good look. >> what's amazing. >> looks great. >> instead of going into a mall where you suck into the trends, whether your style or budget, here they made their own trends, three very unique styles. you can do this in the stores, if you don't have a consignment store or swap shop create your own in the living room. create your own swap shop. imagine your dining troom table, invite ten girls to bring ten items, whatever it is, you bring ten, use back of the chairs to hang everything up to make it look nice, nobody wants to sift through a pile of junk. round robin, each girl picks one thing until all ten things are in their new bag, new stuff in their bags and all gone and they're ready to go and wind up having girls walk out like this. stuff that's new to you without costing mom a penny.
8:22 am
>> do you think teens would go for this? >> denitely. >> saves money and like tory said, new to you and looks great. so spread the word. spleded word. >> i mean, so stylish. i love these girls. so stylish. h homome a a do it atome as we. >> gd info. for more tips go to introducing the all new chevy equinox. with an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon. and up to 600 miles between fill ups. it's the st e fuelicntieu crossover on the highway. better than honda cr-v, toyota rav4 and even the ford escape hybrid. the all new chevequino i like food too much to not eat. my self esteem really took a hit with every pound i gained. i have lost a total of 25 pounds with alli.
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( shouting ) i know, maybe one of my first-born son. dad, mom says the boys gotta go. personalize your card by uploading... your own photo at >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning to you. -pamela brown and it is a the club 25. -- i am pamela brown and it is time -- and it is a the club 25. >> the inner loop is cleared out. expect to find all lanes open. springfield traffic is in good shape. we will also tell you that the legion bridge traffic is in good shape in both directions.
8:26 am
no crashes to report on 66 or the toll road. 270 is in pretty good shape. it is heavy getting pretty high as town stretch. >> we will continue to look for scattered rain showers through the day and maybe a rumble of thunder. it is indeed 70's right now. we will have some energy swinging through today. we will have a fair amount of cloud cover. there is more comfortable air moving in but not extreme differences. temperatures will be in the 80's. there will be sunshine here and there but a little above mugginess. a lingering showers overnight tonight. will be right back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
a metro train officer -- operator tested positive for drugs. he allowed a green line train to leave the station with 10 cars. cars are only supposed to have a maximum of eight cars. the employee is now one on page lead and in the hat. fairfax county school leaders are figuring out a strategy to deal with a resurgence of swine flu in the fall. one idea is to use some schools as mass inoculation clinics. officials say unless the h1n1 virus becomes more severe, schools will remain open. testing for swine flu is under way in eight cities in the u.s., including baltimore. se ads mentioning the obama daughters are posted in union station and they have the white house up said.
8:29 am
-- upset. the ads advocate a vegetarian lunchion in public schools. the group behind it got a call from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> the white house counsel called and said this might be going too far. >> the president of the physicians committee for responsible medicine paid for the eds. he said they will stay until the end of the month. new exhibits are up for ford's theater where abraham lincoln was assassinated. there is a new museum in the basement that focuses on his life. there's a recreation of his white house office and displays on events that involved his presidency like the civil war and slavery. >> the space is a limited but the story is unlimited. what you do is you distill that story to its very essence. >> the museum features parallel
8:30 am
walls with time lines. the show hour by hour what lincoln's assassin was doing and what he was doing until they converged at the moment lincoln was killed. we will have another news update at 8:56. ♪ >> yes! >> whoo-hoo! gets the morning started right. >> one of the most innovative bands making music today. >> whole blend, blues, lleyton, jazz, gout rock, all blending together into their own unique
8:31 am
sound. we'll keep on trucking this half hour with the exciting derek trucks band. that's why i use it. performing live. great to have you. >> thanks for having us. >> good morning, everybody, chris cuomo, robin roberts, kate snow. >> who is the handsome man down there, look at him? guest meteorologist, paul dianno from cokomo -- >> not cuomo. komo. >> looking at you, right here, the mad man driving women mad as skirt-chasing ad exec don draper. jon hamm is here, ladies and gentlemen. >> he's shy. >> he's so shy. >> up for another emmy. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> show's got 16 mom nations? >> i think he's blushing. my goodness. >> he knows we're sitting down together. >> he'll be all right. >> we got a great murder suspense story, all in daps work for woman known as master of the
8:32 am
whodunit, the acclaimed mary jane clark with us, taking us inside the pageses of her new thriller. critics say you won't be able to put it down, not just us saying that critics saying . >> paul dianno is here for the weather from komo, seattle. >> good morning to you. good morning to you at home. before get to the weather, tell you about a special report by bob woodruff on the world's greatest resource we take for granted, on "folk kust erlcus e the movement to clean them up before we're high and dry, see it tonight at 10:00 on planet eegrn. green. to the maps and talkbo aut weather, water falling from the sky, lots of thunderstorms today. in part was texas and new mexico also hot there, san anbonitoo, once again hitting 100 degrees. san francisco, though, a bit keerl, 71, seasonal for you. talking about the 80s in los angeles and the upper 60s in around seattle with a couple of
8:33 am
showers. some thunderstorms possibly severe in coastal section of the carolinas with heavy rainfall possible. spokane, high of 72 with showers possible today, hot in nie upp r midwest. ineegrio atrnfana international fas gr ande ees d rfo degrees and for new some hosome showers lath l wh highs in the lower to mid 80s. washington wall street some th >> thank you so much. we are looking at the radar because we have a few showers that are speaking in from the west from the shenand >> and that is your forecast brought to you today by capital one. topher chris. >> all right. thank you very much. you know him as don draper the hard-drinking, hard-smoking, 1960s ad executive amc's hit series "mad men." golden globe winning actor jon
8:34 am
hamm is here with us, talking about the third season of the show. kicks off this weekend, and his second emmy nomination for best actor in a drama. alieu me to welcome you, your first time here mr. hamm and congratulations. >> thank you for having me. good to be here. >> 16 emmy nom naths this is show h? >> it's amazing. it's unexpected and but it's amazing to be validated by your pierce in that way. it was a goodeek on set when that was announced. >> so, you are what you call in the industry a cool dude. are you aware of that? >> is that a technical term? >> it is a term of art, should be put in quotes. there was a lot of excitement about you being on the set today. were you taken by surprise at the amount of stardom that surrounds, not just your character, but yourself? don't friend like you don't know what i'm talking about either. >> it's been a weird fewears, i'll put it that way. i'm pretty much the same person
8:35 am
i've been since i moved out to l.a. and was unemployed and waiting tables and all that entire progression, but the last couple of years have been pretty surreal. but the show is something that i'm very proud of and a lot of people put a lot of hard work into it. and like i said, i'm glad tha it's being recognized and people are paying attention. >> don draper, why does he work as a celebrated character? what do you think it is about him? there is a darkness, there is an edge, he's not living right, he catches on with people, why do you think? >> a couple reasons, when you have a character that makes dubious choices and in his personal life and professional life, there are a lot of people that get some sort of vicarious thrill out of that. that's the person that's doing the things they wish they could do or whatever and it takes place in a time that's not too far removed but far enough
8:36 am
removed that people can feel a bit distanced from that as well. >>nteresting play how the narrative is here, because it's a relevant look at the '60s but you incorporate modernistic ten den sisk. let's take a clip of "mad men," mr. don draper in action. >> london fog is a 40-year-old brand that sounds like it's existed forever. you've established, with our help, it means one thing, raincoats. new products aside, there will be fat years and lean years. but it is going to rain. >> that's true. >> let's see if we can find you some earplugs. >> it's a good scene, it worries me, i have a london fog raincoat. am i 45 years past? >> it works. >> and it does rain. >> it will rain. >> hard drinking, a lot of smoke.
8:37 am
the smoking, is that real smoking? >> no. >> play smoking? >> it's play smoke. california law you can't smoke inside, anyway, so there are other people we have to consider when we're on set and these are burn i burning, you know, burning things and we don't want people to get sick. it's some sort of herb aal blen with no nicotine. >> it's actually good for you. >> nonaddictive. >> they're good for you. i think there's vitamin c in them, vegetable juice in a paper tube. >> very nice. >> delightful. >> the curiosity questions we have here. you're shooting a movie now? >> we're still working on the end of this season of "mad men" on episode ten, but i'll go from that into a film that ben affleck is directing and starring in shooting in boston called "the town." i'm incredibly excited to start
8:38 am
that as well. >> you're on a great ride. >> it ain't bad. >> great to have you here. welcome to the show, hope to have you back. >> thank you very much. >> always a pleasure. aka don draper, where? "mad men" return this is sunday on amc. check your local listings. 37 minutes past the hour, we can't tell you whodunit but we can tell you who wrote p
8:39 am
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8:41 am
her suspense thrillers have been compared to agatha christie's classics, best-selling oughter mary jane clark new network news is called "dying for mercy" a morning sho anchorwoman and her colleagues search for clues that will lead to a twisted kill that they terrorized a wealthy gated community where everyone's a suspected. we're delighted to have mary jane with us. >> so good to be here. >> they say write what you know. you know this biz. >> i worked at cbs news for almost 30 years and i treasure those years but what i liked most about my job is that it was
8:42 am
never boring. and every day you would come in and you didn't know what the story would be or what you would be learning that day. >> right. >> so, that television news world, i think translates well to a suspense story because the characters can go out, cover their stories and what they get involved in pretty well knows no bounds. they're racing against the clock and that adrenaline rush, is, i think good for the readers, too. >> a rail page-turner, what i hear over and over. this is your 12th novel anne said it's a fictional news network key like abc, key, and people are reading it going, is this based on anybody that you know? anybody that we see? >> well, you know what, i think people that you know and what he you've seen them do and that type of thing, but having said that, i really don't take one particular person, especially if
8:43 am
it's a villain, and try to write someone that i know. i don't want people running away from me in the hallway when they see me and be afraid i'm going to tell their deepest secrets, so my mind's twisted enough. i can think of my own -- >> set the scene for us, let people know a bit about this. >> well, it takes place in tux do park, which is a gated community about 40 miles outside of manhattan. and it's a very secluded world. i have gone there as a kid, driving by and saw the security guards and wondered what was behind the gate. a few years ago i was asked to speak at a luncheon there, once i went inside it took my breath away. it is the most beautiful, idyllic gorgeous spot, but again, nobody can come in and out easily. so, i knew i wanted to do a story that took place there. then i went to italy last year and while i was in there, learned about st. francis of assissi and saw the frescos of
8:44 am
st. francis' life and i was so moved by them that i thought i'm going to have a character who's done bad things in his life get some noo st. francis and wants to preserepent anne see what he to repent. >> religious overtones and you ran it by some catholic priests before you went to your publisher about it. >> to one, and he was shocked when he first read it but hee felt, and i feel, that it's fiction, and the religious overtones, they're all there for a reason because there is a theme running through the book of what the murders are. >> your dad is a former fbi agent. >> right. >> that had to be exciting, having your dad do that for -- >> a living. >> a living. any influence there with your writing because he was an fbi
8:45 am
agent? >> definitely, especially the book out in paperback it only takes a moment. he used to do high profile cases,atty hearst and calvin klein's daughter was kidnapped, so i watched, that w an impressionable time for me, i was afraid to write about a kidnapping, because i don't know, kidnapping really freaked me out, last year, my father was getting older and i just thought i'd like to get his memories and use them for the book. there wasn't a better time than that and he has fbi cronies who have been very helpful when i have queions about things. so that's been great. it. >> works all of the way around. it is a delight and a pleasure to meet you and i know you have a website and have a contest going on, if people note color that you wore on "good morning america," they can win an autographed book. >> right. >> yellow i'm going with. >> i think so. >> let's go with yellow.
8:46 am
that'sed winner. u are as well, mary jane, thank you. >> thank you. >> continued success. >> so nice of you. for more of her book and "gma" complete list of hot summer reads go to our books page at next, the derek trucks band, live here on "gma." .ome on back. p
8:47 am
8:48 am
we have something very special for you now. our next guest is a virtuoso who starlted at age 11 and played with bob dylan and he's all grown up and growing rorong his bands plang at the lincoln center out of doors festival here in new york tomorrow. and this morning, more importantly, they are playing for us. very nice to have you with us. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> sixth studio album doing very
8:49 am
well, correct? i want to get all of the bragging rights. you are touring all summer long? >> nonstop. we got back from a month of europe, japan and touring behinded record, built theome studio first record we did slooutly on our own and feels good. >> where are you from? >> jacksonville, florida. thband is from all over. >> detroit -- >> very cool group of cats we have here this morning. increased our cool factor dramatically. >> because we stayed up for the show instead of waking up for the show. >> how it often is with you guys. the feel of the music so eclect eclectic eclectic, how do you put together your sounds? >> i grew up with the allman brothers andhat music but otis redding and stevie wonder and john coltrain. we don't feel afraid to include those influences. >> beautiful. let's hear some, shall we. >> get what you deserve, derek trucks.
8:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ baby ♪ everybody got to suffer ♪ for a of the things you choose ♪ ♪ i need you sweetie p♪ i need ♪ do you wa wha you please but
8:51 am
you get what you deserve ♪ ♪ ♪ don't know if i told you ♪ the year that i caught fire ♪ they were talking about a revolution ♪ ♪ talk about it ♪ can't quite remember baby ain't you heard ♪ ♪ well you do what you dream but you get what you deserve ♪ ♪ sooner or later some kind of savior is going to come down through the roof ♪ ♪ to me a favor ♪ lend a visit when you do
8:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i don't need no doctor ♪ i don't need to truth ♪ down to california ♪ honey i'm bulletproof ♪ just a strange believer ♪ running off the word ♪ all right ♪ well you do what you please but you get what you deserve ♪ ♪ get what you deserve ♪ you do
8:53 am
♪ get what you deserve ♪ well, well, get what you deserve ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> allht
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> show the picture of me from the '80s, let's show this picture. please explain. >> at a gas station in 2007 and chris was getting out and -- i got a shot. >> that's gd there. >> we had that scowl on the face. >> no. >> he had the look on his >> no. >> he had the look on his face -- captions by vitac
8:57 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. well, good morning, washington. it is set -- is 8:56. i am pamela brown. >> the beltway north of town has a lot of traffic. the outer loop at college park and to silver spring but the inner loop has gotten better. the southbound side of 270 from fredericktown to the beltway has no delays. things aren't pretty good shape. 95 in virginia, the pace is good from springfield up tohe beltway. here is the forecast. >> outside, use the overcast skies. with a shower is starting to push him from the west. -- pushed in from the west.
8:58 am
temperatures are in the because right now. we may see some showers throughout the day right now. temperatures may be in the mid- 80's. isolated showers tonight or two before partial clearing. tomorrow, a chance of a shower and that is the same for friday into the weekend. at least the extreme heat is gone for a while. maryland governor martin o'malley will propose $470 million in additional budget cuts. that could mean more state employee for less. officials are considering requiring those who make more than $40,000 per year to take more unpaid days than those with lower salaries thank you for watching, we will be back at noon.
8:59 am
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